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A Week of Oil Pulling…

A week of oil pullingLast week I posted on this strange, currently popular, miracle practice that all the “healthies” are doing these days. If you didn’t see that post you can check it out here. What (the heck) is Oil Pulling?!

The process

I knew I just had to try this miracle procedure to see if I experienced any of these   amazing benefits. So I started oil pulling. Every morning, on an empty stomach, while getting ready for school, I swished and pulled a teaspoon of coconut oil around in my mouth for about 15 minutes. Then I spit it in the trash before brushing my teeth. I chose not to add any essential oils to my oil pulling routine because I ingest essential oils only in the most extreme circumstances. (Sorry! I know, this is a blog about essential oils. Again….Sorry!)

A little about me

Before I jump into my experience, I guess I should give you a little background: I have pretty a pretty healthy mouth and decent teeth. My teeth show some signs of yellowing, but I’m not even 30 (and don’t smoke or drink outrageous amounts of brown liquids), so there’s not much! However, I have been hoping that something I’m doing will help whiten them some. I mean who doesn’t?! I do, however, have this one stupid tooth. I had a cavity in high school and it was filled with a material that is now expanding. Apparently that’s not uncommon these days. So a few years ago my tooth broke due to the expanding metal. I got it fixed (of course I had to pay for that…) but it’s been bothering me again recently. I know I should go see the dentist, but come on, it’s June and I teach high school, so my tooth will have to wait one. more. week. (just like the rest of my life)

So, back to oil pulling…..

I actually have enjoyed oil pulling. I use coconut oil because I like the flavor. (Plus there are added cleansing benefits!) Because the coconut oil is solid at room temperature, it takes a little bit for the oil to liquefy and it needs to be liquid for all of the swishing and pulling you do in your mouth. I was expecting to hate this practice, but I don’t mind it at all actually. The only real problems I have are when the oil seems to be pulling mucus down my post-nasal area. There’s no where for the mucus to go, so I’ve had to spit out the oil early in order to take care of that. But other than that I’m having a pretty good experience. My teeth feel so clean all day. I skipped a day this week and I noticed a hug difference in the afternoon/evening I felt like my teeth were coated in nastiness. I also think that my teeth may be getting a little whiter, but that may just be wishful thinking. And (probably the best part) my annoying tooth, hasn’t been bothering me! (Although it could just be a placebo effect.)

Well, that’s my experience! Feel free to let me know about yours!

Check back next week for more essential oils recipes/solutions!

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