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Must Have Essential Oils for Camping (and other outdoor adventures)

Must Have Essential Oils for CampingMy husband, little Yorkie mix and I are taking a three week camping vacation/adventure to Yellowstone National Park this summer. When I say we’re camping, I mean we’re camping. We’re loading up the [borrowed!] truck with our tent + gear and heading out west! (Okay, not that far west, but a little farther than we are now.) My husband keeps saying that if he doesn’t show up for school again in the fall, it’s because I got sick of him bugging me like a middle schooler and left him somewhere between Houston and Wyoming. {Maybe I should bring some Stress Away or Peace & Calming for this trip! ; )}

As I’m planning/packing/preparing for this awesome, once in a lifetime trip, I’m considering what essential oils are essential to carry with me. Here is my list of the top 5 oils I suggest everyone take with them on an adventure like this! These oils I’ll take in their bottles and use as needed with a carrier oil that I’ll also bring.


 Do you leave your house without lavender??? I don’t. The main reason it’s going with me on this trip though is that Lavender is great for soothing comfort. After a long day hiking in the sun, I always slather some lavender on my skin. Lavender mixed with aloe vera gel feels AMAZING after time spent outdoors. Lavender is also a go-to oil for so many things. I also keep Lavender handy because it’s aroma helps me calm down after a busy day. (Oh, I also use Lavender, heavily diluted, to help my puppy calm down if needed!)


#1 I never leave the house without peppermint! Peppermint is great for a variety of things. Peppermint’s scent helps clear my head. We’ll be camping in the great outdoors in the middle of the summer in TEXAS so, it’s cooling feeling will be much appreciated! I also love the cooling sensation on my skin and muscles after hiking through trails!


Purification is one of my favorite oils! Not only is it helpful when trying to keep outdoor annoyances at bay but it is soothing to my skin. I apply a tiny amount (less than a drop) neat directly on my skin! It’s also a great air refresher, I know I’ll be using it in the car often!


Thieves is something you must carry where ever you go. It’s great to purify surfaces and keep things clean. It can help support a healthy immune system and can even help purify the air! I use Thieves in my camping dishwater to help keep things clean. I put a drop or two on a wet rag to clean out the ice chest and will rub a drop on my hands in a pinch to clean them. It’s definitely something I keep around.


There’s no way I’m sleeping on an air mattress for three weeks, riding in a car for 3000+ miles and hiking mountains big and small without my bottle of PanAway. Diluted I rub PanAway on any part of my body because I love the way it feels!

I’ll also carry these oils with me:

  • Cedarwood
  • Carrot Seed
  • Tea Tree
  • Frankincense: because Frank might be the best oil out there, I use Frankincense whenever I’m in doubt (and it’s totally safe for my puppy as long as it’s diluted!)

What are your essential oil must-haves for the summertime?

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*Note: I only support the use of therapeutic grade essential oils, like the ones produced by Young Living.

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