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First Element of Change & My Life with Young Living

Motivational Monday: The First Element of Change is Awareness – T. Harv Eker

First element of change is awareness.

This quote hits home for me. About a year ago I was exhausted, stressed, worn-out, unkind, unloving and definitely not someone people wanted to be around. If you know me, you know that I really am not that way. I am usually full of joy, excited to be alive, friendly, fun to be around and welcoming. That’s the person God created me to be! However, my husband and I would go to work in the morning, come home in the afternoons, eat dinner on the couch (if I even had a chance to make dinner), watch a few episodes of something ridiculous on Netflix and go to bed, just to wake up and do it all over again the next day. We weren’t connecting with one another, we weren’t spending time with others, we were working hard to make sure that our bank account wasn’t at zero and then because we were so tired we were spending almost all of it on things that didn’t matter (but we didn’t realize that because we were so exhausted) so we felt like we had to keep living that way.

For a few years, we didn’t even realize that this wasn’t what we wanted.  After all, we were living the American dream. We had a house, two cars and a puppy to prove it. We looked just like everyone else on our street out here in the suburbs. We were changing the world by teaching the next generation. We thought that was it.

Until one day I looked at my dear husband and said, “Is this it? Are we going to do this for the rest of our lives?” And that was the moment, the moment that awareness entered into our life. That was the first element of the change that we made.

After that we started praying and thinking about where to go from there. We knew that teaching high school was no longer what I needed to be doing. So we decided I would quit. And I resigned shortly after that. I looked into a lot of different things that I could do ranging from online translating to part-time office assistant to online editing and proofreading but nothing seemed to pan out. We continued praying for God to take care of us. And then one day Young Living landed in my lap.

Honestly it made sense for us. It was a chance for me to work from home (I’m writing this Monday morning on my back patio!) and take care of the things I desired to take care of (and I was already using the products).  But what it really is, is a chance to live helping people. My  job is to share with others the gifts of healing that come in little bottles. It is to teach about natural living. It’s to connect with people and really listen to them to hear their hearts. It’s to help others and myself live lives that are full of wellness, purpose and abundance. It’s something to be apart of that’s bigger than myself! And to think we ended up here because we became aware that something needed to change.

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