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Golden Touch Kit – Melrose and DiGize Essential Oil Blends

Ready for Winter - YL Golden Touch Kit

This ends our Golden Touch I Kit series. I sure hope that you feel empowered to support your body during the winter months. Wellness, purpose, abundance! That’s what we’re about here at Young Living! I don’t know about you, but if I don’t live in the wellness sphere, the purpose and abundance don’t matter. So let’s make sure we’re well! The last two oils in our Golden Touch I Kit are Melrose and DiGize. Trust me, you’re going to want to know about these oils the closer we get to the Holidays!


Di-Gize is Young Living’s unique and proprietary blend containing Ginger, Anise, Fennel, Peppermint, Tarragon, Lemongrass and Juniper. It’s great for supporting normal digestion. The use of fennel for digestive support dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. You can add 2 drops of Di-Gize and 1 drop of Peppermint in water for a stimulating beverage. You can also use this by adding a few drops a gel capsule with a vegetable oil like Olive, Coconut or Young Living’s V-6 and taking it by mouth. Many people like to use DiGize at every meal. Combine it with Young Living’s proprietary enzyme blends like Allerzyme, Essentialzymes or Essentialzymes-4 or Sulferzyme for maximum benefits. It can be used while travelling to support healthy and normal digestion. I love to use it (heavily diluted) with my little dog, Harvey. It’s also an ideal companion to Young Living Supplements Comfortone and JuvaTone. This is a great oil come Thanksgiving and Christmas time!


Our final oil in this great kit! Melrose is a blend specially formulated to support healthy skin. It provides a protective barrier against skin challenges. It contains 2 types of Melaleuca: M. Alternifolia (also known as Tea Tree) and Melaleuca quinquenervia (which is Niaouli) Tea Tree supports healthy skin and scalp, it reduces the appearance of blemishes and skin irritations. Niaouli supports and strengthens healthy skin.  Rosemary and clove essential oils both support healthy lifestyles, immune systems and overall wellbeing. I bet you are thinking right now about when you’ll be needing this oil! No wonder it’s included in the kit for wintertime discomforts!

Gold Touch Collection

The Golden Touch I Kit is a great kit to have in your home. We no longer feel like we have to stock our medicine cabinet because we are supporting our bodies during the winter months with the essential oils that come in this kit! We love having a healthy home and family! Young Living is a membership company, just like Sam’s or Costco. If you are already a member, you can purchase this kit with your 24% discount by signing in on the Young Living website. If you are not a member, the best way to join is by purchasing the Premium Starter Kit. It’s a kit of our 11 most popular oils, 3 of these oils are ones we discussed here (Thieves, DiGize and RC). It also comes with a diffuser, instructions for use and samples of our most popular products. This kit is over a $300 value, but can be yours for only $160. Plus you get your Young Living membership! Some of the benefits of a Young Living membership include: 24% off retail price, a great rewards program, exclusive experiences like the International Grand Convention or the Global Leadership cruise, a close-knit community of support and ongoing health education opportunities. Click here for more information!

Thank you for joining me for this series! Be well this winter!

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