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Quitting Will Never Get You the Things You Desire Faster

Motivational Monday: Quitting will never get you the things you desire faster!

quitting will never get you what you want

As I think about this quote I almost want to play Devil’s Advocate. I want to argue that quitting some things will get me what I want faster, but I think this quote goes farther than that. Quitting when things are difficult isn’t going to get me any where except out of that specific difficult situation.  And maybe that is what I need – but not usually. I think that’s why we have to remember our why: our reason for doing whatever it is that we are doing. “Remember your why” is often quoted in my industry. But maybe, all of us need to “remember our why,” maybe we all need to reconnect with the reason we chose the path that we’re on. And reconnect with it often. Then we’ll realize that quitting won’t get us there any faster. I’m not quitting. Even when it’s difficult and not fun. The reason I’m doing this is way better than the relief quitting may bring!

What’s your why?

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