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Live Consciously!


Motivational Monday: Live consciously. Treat each day as if it’s a miniature lifetime. In this way I have learned to get more life out of one day than I used to get out of entire years.
live consciously

How many days have I wasted by living unconsciously? I believe that the biggest battle we’re fighting in America today is the the battle of numb complacency. How many of us live our lives so numb that all we are willing to reach for is complacent mediocrity? If we actually took a step out of our mind numbing busyness and decided to reach for more, we might just change the world. We’d at least change the way we look at life. Every day could be a lifetime. I choose to live consciously: today, tomorrow and every day after that. Maybe I’ll get to live a thousand lifetimes in those days to come!

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