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Chemical Free Christmas – Don’t forget the kids!

Chemical Free Christmas

For all those kiddos (or the ones who have kiddos) in your life!

Here’s the next post in the Chemical Free Christmas series! Don’t you just feel good about treating the people that you love to holiday gifts that will help and support their lives ?! I know I’m excited about sharing these great things for Christmas this year!

Do you have kids? Do you know someone who does? I think most of us fit in one of those categories. My husband and I don’t have any children yet, but we have a niece and nephew that we love very much! These diffusers from the Young Living 2015 Holiday Catalog would make great gifts this season!

Dolphin Reef Ultrasonic Diffuser
Dolphin Reef Diffuser
Dino Land Diffuser
Dino Land Diffuser

So, now for the fun stuff! Today’s DIY is a list of diffuser blends to use in your diffuser or your kiddos’ diffuser! Whichever you prefer. You can also mix these blends in advance and take them with you or give them as a gift! I would use small sample bottles to make them in advance, like these. I’ve listed the recipes in parts since each diffuser calls for a different number of drops.

Home for the Holidays

  • 3 parts Christmas Spirit
  • 1 part Idaho Balsam Fir

Rest and Relax

  • 1 part Lavender
  • 1 part Cedarwood

Seize the Day

  • 3 parts Aroma Seiz
  • 1 part Citrus Fresh

Joyful Abundance

  • 3 parts Abundance
  • 1 part Joy

Christmas Giving

  • 3 parts Christmas Spirit
  • 1 part Abundance

Soothe Wintertime Yuckies

  • 1 part RC
  • 1 part Raven

Purchase any of these items by creating a Young Living account here.
Learn more about therapeutic-grade essential oils here.

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