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Motivational Monday: Inaction is the greatest risk of all

greatest risk is inaction

Motivational Monday: “If we define risk as the likelihood of an irreversible negative outcome, inaction is the greatest risk of all.” – Timothy Ferriss

What is the greatest risk in life I can take? I have never considered it inaction until recently. In fact, one of my favorite coaches in my business industry Dani Johnson says something similar, she says, “There’s great power in decision and decision is always followed by action.”  If we want to do anything with our lives, we have to make the decision to do something and then take that action! I refuse to let my decision be to let life pass me by. I don’t want to live a passive life. I want to live an active life, where I am actively making the lives of others better both now and for the future!

Will you join me in the scary step of looking into our own lives and seeing the places where we’re choosing inaction?!

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