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Are you selling yourself short?

Good morning!!!! I hope that your week is going well. I know mine seems to have its ups and downs. I woke up with something burning on my heart to tell you, so here it is:

answer to boss, sell short

“If we had a boss to answer to, most people would get the job done. When they have to answer to the mirror, they sell themselves short.” – Lisa DeMayo

Wow, just wow. How sad! What a sad reality that I too often find myself living in. Guys, what if we worked for ourselves like we work for other people? What if we truly believed in our hopes, dreams, desires and callings? What if we worked at all things as if working for the LORD? The NOTHING WOULD STOP US!!! Why is it that we think what we want to do is of any less importance than what someone else wants us to do? Because they have authority? They earned that authority! Get out there and do what you are called and committed to doing! Figure out what is causing roadblocks and GO AROUND THEM or BREAK FREE FROM THEM!!! It doesn’t matter how big or seemingly small the thing is that you want to do, you deserve to live up to YOUR DREAMS!  If we’re faithful with the small things, we’ll be entrusted with the larger things! You want to go for a walk? GO! You want to read a new book? GET IT OUT AND READ IT! You want to quit your job? FIND A NEW ONE SO YOU CAN! You want to spend more time with your family? MAKE TIME!  Stop selling yourself short! You deserve it from you first!

Y’all this post is for ME! Now that I am in business for myself, I find that far too many times I’m choosing laziness, fear, negativity and excuses instead of believing that I deserve to give myself my very best. Why do I think that I don’t deserve just as much as my boss did??? Where did I get that idea? My business deserves it! My life and my family deserve it! I DESERVE IT! I’ve to get over these self-deprecating thoughts/beliefs and get out there and LIVE UP TO MY POTENTIAL! I’ve got to make room in my life for God to do what HE WANTS TO DO! I can’t continue to live in fear and self-pity, immobilizing myself and the Spirit! I refuse to continue selling myself short!

I leave you with this line from a song I’ve been listening to over and over:

“Far be it from me to not believe, even when my eyes can’t see”

Enjoy! I’m praying for you just like I’m praying for me! God wants to do GREAT THINGS in your life and He wants you to be FREE to do them!

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Oh and if you want to hear the podcast where Lisa DeMayo says this great quote, you can find it here!


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