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Drops of Encouragement • 2-6-16 • Remembering your WHY!!!

2 thoughts on “Drops of Encouragement • 2-6-16 • Remembering your WHY!!!”

  1. Hi Tiffany! Everyone, this is my team leader. I was looking for work and having no luck. Many people, as I’m finding out, do know me by name or by my face from my custody case, as I have been trying to expose the corruption and injustice. I am fighting the corruption of the family courts and have been since 2011. I came across Tiffany, who is a high school classmate and I told her about my struggles finding employment, now having a background. Tiffany handed me her card and said, well no back- ground checks here, just wonderful products and a chance to be your own boss. All of which I love could be combined with starting a Young Living business. I signed up as an independent distributor too and have loved the products of Young Living! I too have a blog and Facebook group that is now getting to a point of compiling all my interests in life! Freedom is definitely a must for being a single mother, but to focus on my why is still my son. Our custody struggle is not over. I have found that Young Living was a great choice for me in being my own boss and that when I win the battle in custody, I know my son will enjoy the benefits of the product and a mommy who still 100% a stay-at-home-mommy. Tiffany is right about always retelling yourself to remember the whys in your life. Thanks for the video!


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