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Spring Cleaning Tip: Get that STANK out!!!

Get that STANK out!Is it just me or do your athletic clothes get STINKY!!!! I MEAN STINKY!!! And not just athletic clothes, but my husband wears a ton of moisture wicking polos and those develop this nasty smell too! I knew when he started complaining about it, I couldn’t ignore it any longer! (Wow, I’m so embarrassed!) I was curious, so I took a little look on the internet and apparently synthetics get that sour smell because bacteria get in between the fibers and well, stink it up! (Maybe there is something calling it cheese…eww!)

thieves laundry soapSo we recently switched from our DIY laundry soap to Young Living’s Thieves Laundry Soap. I must admit, I was a little afraid that Young Living was failing me. But the reality was our clothes had this smell for awhile, I just wasn’t willing to do any investigating. So before we move on, let me set the record straight: I LOVE YOUNG LIVING’S LAUNDRY SOAP!!! I also love how Young Living is always providing natural products THAT WORK!  I’m sold!

So, after scouring the internet I decided to try my own concoction of YL products to see if we could GET THAT STANK OUT! And you know what? It worked!!! (so much so a tiny piece of clothing that I wear to yoga didn’t get in the mix the first time and that baby still had an awful smell this morning!)

Without further adieu, here’s what I did:

  1. thieves householdI gathered ALL the stinky clothes that we couldn’t get smelling nicely into the bathtub.
  2. I filled the tub with REALLY HOT water (I mean really hot, like scalding) to just cover all the clothes.
  3. I added 2 capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner and 5 drops of Thieves Essential Oil.
  4. I mixed everything well and let sit until  the water was cool.
  5. I moved the wet clothes directly to the washing machine and washed on regular cycle with Thieves Laundry Soap.
  6. I dried everything as normal and pulled the clothes out of the dryer.
  7. I took a deep whiff and they smelled like….clothes! Nothing more, nothing less! Clothes!!!! TOUCHDOWN!!!! (GO COOGS!!!!)

So now I’m thinking of doing something like this once a week or so to keep the smell out. We already separate our dirty laundry by color loads, so I’m not sure if adding the extra step of ‘synthetic or not’ is going to work for us. But I am sure I’ll keep finding small pieces like that one I wanted to wear to Yoga over the next few weeks that I’ll need to attack. Any suggestions on how to organize this are welcome!

Thanks for stopping by!

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