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3 Must-Haves for Your Best Work Yet!

3 must haves no oils
There are 3 essential oils that I use daily to make sure that I’m doing my best at work! I keep them nearby to grab at any moment I may need their superb benefits. These three reached the top of the list because I’m not the only one in my household who uses them on a daily basis! Nope, my husband has all three of these gems on his desk at work!

peppermintThe cool, refreshing aroma of Peppermint essential oil will have you ready to get to work in no time. When you need a quick pick me up, put a drop of peppermint vitalityPeppermint in your hands, rub them together, cup your nose and mouth, and inhale deeply! You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’re able to think and get right back to work! Oh and that oil that’s left in your hands – rub it on your forehead or the back of your neck for a wonderfully cooling sensation! (Just be careful around your eyes!) Throw a drop of Peppermint Vitality (pure Peppermint essential oil labeled for internal use) in your water for a refreshing sip throughout the day!

Stress Away#stress away roll on2 Stress Away! Work probably wouldn’t be work without a little stress, right?  No need to operate out of that stress though. Take 30 seconds and put a drop of Stress Away on the back of your neck, the top of your shoulders or anywhere else stress likes to sit on your body. Don’t forget to take a big whiff of of the oil before applying. Grab Young Living’s Stress Away Roll On for easier application OR make your own with an empty roller bottle! Diffuse Stress Away for a little Island Vacation with it’s hints of lime and vanilla!

joyAnd last, but definitely not least, Joy! I try to keep a bottle of Joy with me at all times because you never know when bad moods are going to move in on your territory! When I’m feeling a little grumpy or unmotivated I grab Joy and apply a drop just above my heart. I also like to apply it to my wrists and neck to wear as perfume. I find the aroma to be incredibly uplifting and it’s even been known to bring a smile to my face! When I’m in need of some extra Joy, I like to diffuse this blend to create an uplifting environment. (Oh and I use it daily to anoint myself with Scripture – see the post here)

Essential Oils are changing every aspect of our lives as we continue on this journey to wellness, purpose and abundance. I’m so thankful that these are so versatile we can use them in our homes and at our  jobs!

3 must haves with oils

Here’s to supporting productivity with  essential oils!

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