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Healthy at Work!

Here at The Oil Change Blog we believe that you deserve to do you best work! And we know that to make that happen, you need to be healthy! We’ve put together a list of essential oils and oil-infused products that we use to help keep us healthy while we’re at work!

Healthy at work

First on our list of staying healthy products is Thieves essential oil blend. The name Thieves comes from the legend of 15th Century Thieves who robbed the dead and dying. As the legend has it they would protect themselves using aromatic herbs and spices and when they were captured they were forced to give up their recipe. And that’s where Thieves got it’s name! Thieves essential oil is a great essential oil to support a healthy immune system. It’s also great for cleaning, cleansing and purifying! A few great ways to use Thieves are…

  • Using a roller bottle (3 drops Thieves for 5 mL carrier oil) apply Thieves to your forearms and throat when you need an extra immune boost
  • Diffuse Thieves in your workspace using a diffuser, a cotton ball in a vent or on your desk
  • Inhale a drop of Thieves from your hand or directly from the bottle
  • Mix a drop of Thieves with a natural cleaner to keep your workspace clean

thieves sprayThieves essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils because of it’s amazing health supporting powers! Due to this amazingness Young Living has formulated a variety of wonderful products featuring this AWESOME blend! All of these are great options to have at work in order to stay healthy!

There’s Thieve Spray – this little guy is in a convenient on-the-go spray bottle. Spray it on door knobs, toilet seats, bathroom counters, you name it! We even keep a bottle in our camping gear! When the winter months roll around, Thieves Spray is a must have to keep our surfaces clean and keep us healthy!thieves hand purifier

Then we’ve got Thieves Hand Purifier! We love this in our house! Since it’s not formulated with alcohol it doesn’t evaporate immediately which means you only need a tiny bit to cover your entire hands! Plus it doesn’t dry out your hands and keeps on purifying for a while after you use it! I always have Thieves Hand Purifier somewhere on me! You never know when you have to shake someone’s hand after they’ve sneezed! Hehe!

thieves hard lozengesAnd the last Thieves infused product we’ll talk about today are the Thieves Lozenges. I mentioned earlier that there is a Thieves Vitality blend as well. Same great product, different label for internal use! Thieves Lozenges are infused with Young Living Thieves Essential Oil blend to not only soothe irritated throats but also help get some immune boosting powers into your system! I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t a huge fan because they don’t have much sugar, but these have become one of my favorite Young Living products! I use them after I give speeches, when I need some extra immune support, if I need some fresher breath and so many other times! I could NOT get through my workday without these little guys!

Incorporating essential oils into an already healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to stay happy and healthy! We have discovered that the more we use essential oils, the more we make healthier choices in other areas as well! One of the best things we’ve noticed is that we keep my husband, a middle school band teacher, healthy! He used to get sick at every single break, but now we get to enjoy his time off instead of getting him well!!!!

Here’s to a happier, healthier you!
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