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11 Essential Oils for the Career Woman {Lavender & Stress Away}

I wish it weren’t true, but life is full of stress. Our days are busy and our evenings are filled. There is so much to do and so little time! Incorporating these two essential oils into our daily routine has helped up manage the stress and chaos so that we can do what we need to get DONE! What a blessing!


Lavender’s sweet, fresh, floral scent helps to relax and unwind so that you can recharge and focus on the things that truly matter!

  • Pamper yourself a little with an at-home massage by adding a drop to coconut oil and massaging where needed.
  • Mix a few drops with a cup of Epsom salt and take a relaxing bath. TIP: Grab a great book and enjoy the time alone!
  • Mix up a batch of Lavender Lemonade with Lavender Vitality!
  • 20 drops of Lavender in 4 oz. of water makes a GREAT linen spray! Spray on pillows before bedtime!
  • Refresh sheets and mattresses by dropping a few drops on a bare mattress and adding a drop to your sheets in the dryer!
  • Soothe skin with drop of Lavender applied undiluted!

stress away_script

As a former teacher, I learned that Stress Away is a MUST HAVE for anyone dealing with stressful situations (like high schoolers). The wonderful combination of Vanilla and Lime with calm your nerves and renew your spirit! You’ll feel confident and ready to accomplish your goals! Affectionately called “a chill pill” in our house, use it whenever you need a break!

  • Add 5 drops to Epsom salt for a wonderful, relaxing foot soak to loosen up and get that weight off your shoulders!
  • Place a drop on a cotton ball in your air vent to help you get through rush hour with a smile on your face!

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