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11 Essential Oils for the Career Woman {R.C. & PanAway}

Sometimes life is just painful. Thankfully, we have something in our toolkit to ease that pain!


R.C. is one of my favorite essential oil blends. I especially love it when I feel like I need a breath of fresh air. Let’s face it – living and working in a concrete jungle (albeit there may be parks and trees) can feel confining.

  • A whiff of R.C. can open up your heart and mind so you feel confident and alive! It’s a great addition to your workout routine!
  • Apply it to your chest to open you up inside so you can really feel that breath!
  • It’s also wonderful when added to massage to ease away the cares of the day (or workout!)
  • Use in a relaxing bath to feel fresh and rejuvenated!


PanAway is must have in our household and office! Sometimes we sit just a little too long staring at the computer. Or we push ourselves a little too far at the gym or hike!

  • A drop of PanAway goes a LONG WAY to soothe occasional neck, back, arm, etc. discomfort!
  • Switch out the orifice for a roller ball (or make  your own roller bottle) and roll directly on as needed!
  • PanAway’s invigorating fragrance is wonderful for helping you be aware of what needs to get done to achieve your goals!!!
  • Take PanAway with you when you go to training where you’ll be taking lots of notes! You’ll thank me later when your writing hand can still function!


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