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11 Essential Oils for the Career Woman {Lemon & Purification}

Few things are worse than coming home from a long day at work to the endless work of taking care of a home! Thankfully with Young Living essential oils, there are a few ways to refresh and purify your home so you can relax and actually enjoy it!

Ah, Purification. This oil is a favorite in our home! We may go through this oil more quickly than any other. It has so many GREAT USES! One of which is dispelling odors, and trust me that is a GREAT way to use this little oil!


  • Diffuse after cooking for about 15 minutes to purify the air of food odors!
  • Place a drop in the toilet before going. 😉 (trust me it works!)
  • Mix a few drops with baking soda, sprinkle on carpet for 20+ minutes, then vacuum! Great carpet refresher!
  • Mix with water and witch hazel then spray outdoors to enjoy annoyance free! THANK YOU CITRONELLA!!!


Ahhh! Lemon – such refreshing essential oil! Limonene is a naturally occurring constituent of Lemon Essential Oil. Do a quick search of the benefits of Limonene and you’ll be surprised.

  • Make a natural glass cleaner with vinegar, water, Lemon essential oil and Thieves household cleaner!
  • Lemon Vitality is an AWESOME addition to lemon flavored foods and drinks!
  • Add a drop of lemon to your favorite natural cleaner or hand soap for a great refreshing aroma!

Let me know how else you LOVE to use Lemon and Purification!

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