Get Your Oil Change!


Young Living is an awesome essential oils company to get started with. There are two ways to get your oils. You can either become a wholesale member or you can be a retail customer. I like to think of the options like the ones you have with Amazon. You can have a regular Amazon account (retail customer) OR an Amazon Prime account (wholesale member). The choice is completely yours, but the better option is definitely the wholesale member. Keep reading to see why!

Wholesale Member

  • Wholesale Pricing (24% off)
  • NO obligation to buy or sell (EVER!)
  • Participate in Essential Rewards – FREE oils & discounted shipping!
  • Opportunity to build your own business
  • NO purchase requirements or minimums

Sign up & purchase your premium starter kit online here.

This starter kit is truly the best value for your money! Did you know it’s worth over $300, but can be yours with a free diffuser for only $160 + shipping and tax? Watch the video and/or click on these links to learn more about the starter kit!

What’s in the Premium Starter Kit?                                    What do I do with that?

Retail Customer

  • Purchase at retail cost
  • No obligation to buy or sell

Shop Online

  • Set up a customer account here. (Be sure to click the retail customer box)
  • Order at your convenience


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