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A Week of Oil Pulling…

Last week I posted on this strange, currently popular, miracle practice that all the "healthies" are doing these days. If you didn't see that post you can check it out here. What (the heck) is Oil Pulling?! The process I knew I just had to try this miracle procedure to see if I experienced any… Continue reading A Week of Oil Pulling…

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What (the heck) is oil pulling?!

If you follow any health articles, websites, blogs, Pinterest boards, etc. you've probably seen something about "oil pulling". Part of my Young Living adventure¬†has also been to help my home and family become more healthy. With all of the posts about this new miracle practice of oil pulling, I had to find out what it… Continue reading What (the heck) is oil pulling?!

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52 DIY Recipes for your Premium Starter Kit

(1 recipe for every week this year!) When I got my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living Essential Oils, I was super excited. ¬†I also had no idea what to do with these 11 oils sitting on my kitchen counter. I immediately opened them, sniffed them, took some photos and opened up my Home Diffuser… Continue reading 52 DIY Recipes for your Premium Starter Kit