Why Young Living?

Why I Choose Young Livng

Young Living is a great company to be a part of and invest in. Not only is the company awesome, but the product offered is helping people all over the globe! Here’s how I got involved and why I stay involved in Young Living!

It all started with essential oils….

bottles-silhouetteI started using essential oils because when I got married, I was still in school and we were living on one first year teacher’s income. I refused to spend the amount of money we were spending on cleaning products, so I started looking for DIY cleaning recipes and came upon many recipes calling for Tea Tree essential oil. I realized that not only was Tea Tree oil good for cleaning, but there were many recipes suggesting that Tea Tree was great for acne as well! I started making our own cleaning and beauty products with Tea Tree and Lavender and always kept a bottle of Eucalyptus in the cabinet to help out when we were feeling under the weather. I have to admit, that while I loved many of the cleaning products with the essential oils, I rarely had success with any other remedies.

Enter Young Living! everyday oils

While scouring the internet for essential oil recipes, I came across Young Living time and time again. At the time I was also looking for some type of work that I could do from home and Young Living fit the bill. I used my Christmas money to buy the Premium Starter Kit through a friend with the promise that I would try these oils, but no real promise to promote/start a business. When my oils came in, I opened Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil. It didn’t smell a thing like the Lavender I’d been buying for years. It smelled REAL. It smelled like the earth, like nature. It smelled like I had  just brought a lavender field into my home! I was hooked at first whiff!

Continuing Success…

Young Living WellnessI started using the oils in my Premium Starter Kit for all kinds of things. AND THEY WORKED! Peppermint would clear my mind and refresh me in an instant. My husband loved the DIY laundry soap I was making (and he’s a hard sell!). My friends started noticing and benefiting from them as well. StressAway calmed a coworker’s stress headache and PanAway soothed my mom’s aching feet. I honestly am still surprised when I try something and it works! These oils are NOTHING like the cheap brands I was purchasing online. These oils are real. 

I know these oils are real because of Young Living’s commitment to provide pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. The Seed to Seal promise secures this. Did you know that Young Living controls the production of essential oils from the ground and seeds to the drops that fill our bottles? That’s why I trust and use Young Living! Check out the Seed to Seal site for more information. Seed to Seal

Why I Choose Young Living Part II

With all of the choices out there for network marketing companies, let me tell you why I chose Young Living. I guess I should start with my story a little. I was looking for a way to stay home and take care of my family. As a high school Spanish teacher, my job was rewarding, but it left very little time and energy for my home and family. I began the search to find something that I could do from home and came across Young Living. I was already using essential oils in my home, but Young Living’s quality and therapeutic grade essential oils changed my world! I knew that I had to join the mission of introducing every home to these amazing oils! Here are the things I love about working with Young Living.

The Compensation PlanYL Compensation Plan Highlights

Young Living’s generous compensation plan lets you start earning immediately. You reap the rewards of your hard work! As you grow in your knowledge and leadership, your commissions grow as well! While the majority of Young Living members are simply wholesale members, those who choose to distribute and climb the commission plan staircase are doing very well for themselves! Check out this chart of average earned income for 2013! Now that’s a nice way to earn some income!

YL income disclosures 2013 chart Young Living Cares

Have you heard the Young Living’s vision and mission statements? Here they are taken directly from the Young Living website.

https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/company/about/mission-statement Young Living really is a company that cares about individuals. The purpose of bringing Young Living Essential Oils into every home isn’t just to sell a product, it’s to uplift others and help them achieve their dreams. I love this quote from the founder D. Gary Young, “Young Living provides an opportunity for anyone searching for a better way, a way to live your dreams, personally and professionally.”

Young Living isn’t just about promoting itself. Did you know that Young Living members donated $50,000 to the American Red Cross for relief in Nepal after the earthquake? And did you realize that Young Living matched that donation, sending a total of $100,000 to the relief effort? Check out the story here:


Doesn’t that just make you proud?

My Life = My Job

This is my personal reason for choosing to work with Young Living! I no longer live in the separate worlds of job, family, home, me and fun. I get paid for living my life. I live my adventure! Every thing I do to encourage health in my home, teaches me how to share Young Living. Every time someone purchases a Young Living product based on my recommendation, I get paid for it. I can help people without any strings attached because I actually have a product that can help them. And you know what, it works! So often times they come back looking for more (and then I get paid)! As I spend time working on my business, I spend time discovering healthy habits for my home. My husband and I are becoming more healthy and health-conscious through this company! I now have the time to spend growing personally in different areas such as leadership, lasting relationships, pursuing dreams, time-management etc. because the more I grow personally, the more my business grows! My life is becoming more balanced. My hard work in all areas of life is rewarded!

Live Your Adventure

Are you ready for your oil change yet? Sign Up Here! Or find out more informationhere!

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